It’s the big phase
T’will take all the faith
If it must show face
It’s the vision
Putting me on a vision
I must understand the commission
If I must get the provision
It’s his legal ladder to success
Therefore don’t be senseless
Cos it will take no nonsense
But requires my madness
Since it is his will
It will be real
No matter the weed
It will produce the wheat
It’s his mandate
I ought not  dictate
It’s his purpose
I never can dispose
It’s a track I must take
In order to brace the tape
It’s a mark I must make
Purposely to reach the cape
Fully ready I am for it
Despite the fires from the heat
The world must feel my hit
Not minding the pain from the beat
This is the vision
He will bring my commission
Satisfying me with provision
When I run the mission