“Some months ago, during my devotion, I decided to count my blessings, in the midst of it, I realized, God has been awesomely faithful.

I just got up with my heart full of joy and began praising God and dancing with my daughter.

I got lost in praise until I realized I was singing a new song (The chorus of the song). 

I decided to write it down, and few days later I completed the song.

Grace story is a double edged sword of thanksgiving and warfare. The only story with a non-negotiable ending: happy-ever-after. A script dictated by triumph and a glorious future.” – said Praise-God.

This soul-inspiring and uptempo masterpiece is an addictive praise jam with an Afrocentric vibe that amplifies and rejoices in the eternal fruit of Ģrace.

Praise-God, a dynamic, passionate worship leader and prolific songwriter is currently serving in the Streams Of Ģrace (choir) of the Brook Church, Calabar under the mentorship of Psts. Ose and Naomi Imiemohon. 

Grace story, which was recorded at Gbrown Studios was produced by JOEsoft.

Listen To The Grace Story Below:

Grace story lyrics

I would never have made it
Could never have made it through the night
Through all of those phases
And stages of hurt, guilt and fright
Just when it seemed like it was over
Your mercy you poured like a river
And carried me on
The wings of your grace

My head oh oh!
He has lifted above my enemies
Look at my life eh!
It’s just a story of amazing grace

You love me unconditionally
Your blessings flow abundantly
Your mercies you renew for me daily
I’m just a product of amazing grace


Oh oh oh
Grace Grace (3x)
Amazing Grace
Grace Grace (2x)
I’m just a product of amazing grace


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