November 2017, I had a new baby – a son!

I already had a daughter two years before him. I loved her beyond words (I love her more every day). Before, my baby boy, I had an established routine with my baby girl. For example, I knew what her different kinds of cry meant. The cry from a fall was different from the cry for food, which was also different from the cry for sleep or just needing attention.

Suddenly, baby brother came and my dear baby girl felt like her world had come crashing.  Although she didn’t say it, but her actions spoke more than a million words. “Mummy, carry me,” became her slogan around the house.

The way she began to crave attention was quite alarming. As far as she was concerned, baby brother had come to dethrone her. He had come to steal the love and take her parents away from her. So she began to act and behave like the new baby.

All of a sudden my toddler became three months old again!

If only she knew, that nothing, absolutely nothing could take her place or make us love her any less. The Psychology of newness was at play.

She suddenly felt old and unwanted. Whereas, all she needed do was, enjoy the arrival of the new, study the new, help him grow, while maintaining her uniqueness and colour.

In the same vein, I am pained when I see folks abandon their purpose just to walk the path of another. They throw their uniqueness to the dogs because of a new kid on the block.

Oh! How many destined farmers in this country of ours (Nigeria), have left farming to go find a ‘suit and tie job’? (Well you could call it white collar if you chose), just because a new baby had arrived in the form of oil.

The world would be a much better place to live in if the majority of people lived their own life.

Variety is the spice of life, but you are not all the variants, you are just one of the variables that make the pot of soup complete! One condiment cannot make a meal, so why try to be everything or something different from what you have been WIRED for?

The new baby isn’t a threat. The new baby has just created an opportunity for you to be a care giver and a big sister. Big sisters don’t sulk, they are mini mothers. They learn from their mothers how to take care of the young ones!

The Psychology of newness can be to your advantage or disadvantage. It depends on how you handle the psyche.

Every new season should be an opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities.

The man in the mirror is your competition, not the man beside you! (read it out loud) Competing with the man next door takes the spotlight off you.

The moment you stop to take a look at the man running on the track beside you, your speed declines and you are forced to take a step backward, while you watch him take the lead.

You have no competition anywhere, your only competition is the one you create.

This year, make a pledge to find your uniqueness, embrace it, love it and live it!

You are an uncommon specie, a rare breed and one-of-a-kind!

Shine YOUR light!