Heavenly Father, We thank you Father, for the gift of Fathers.

Fathers after your heart.
Fathers that care
Fathers that are there
Fathers that protect
Fathers that direct
True mentors
Sweeter than ‘mentos’

Responsible Fathers
Not ‘iress…’
Present Fathers
Not Absentees

Fathers not only confirmed by Genes
But transformed by Grace
Fathers who not only sow sperms
But also sense

Fathers of Sacrifice
Even when they have to forgo their rice
Fathers ready to give their lives
For their seeds to rise

Teaching Fathers
Not Cheating Fathers
Fathers who lay up wealth for their seeds
Not giving them to those girls who are thieves.

We are glad for fathers
Who make life easy for our mothers
They make us smile
They never speak guile

God Bless our fathers
Who promise and give us ice cream
So we don’t have to eat it in our dream
God Bless our fathers
Who have time to play ball with us
And even squat so we can ‘ride horse’

Fathers of integrity
Not Fathers of acrimony
Fathers that will chase away the boys
And shout at the top of their voice
So their daughters will make the right choice
And bring home a man worth many coins

Fathers who groom their sons,
To be KINGSMEN indeed
Not DRINKSMEN in need
That waste their lives with guns.

Fathers that motivate
Fathers that cultivate
Fathers that invigorate
Fathers that advocate

Fathers of Vision
Fathers on a Mission
Fathers of purpose
They help to lessen our workload.
Fathers who have substance
Not those who abuse substance.

God Bless my Fathers
God Bless your Fathers
God Bless our Fathers
For true Fathers live forever!!!