It’s been quite a while.

Where have I been and what have I been up to?

What has kept me away for such a long time?

No excuse is justifiable. No reason wil suffice. So I will say I have just been lazy. Yes I said it! Without shame or pride. If I were to give you just one word for my disapperance, I will say – PROCASTINATION (covers face).

Procastination gave me all the ‘right’ reasons why I couldn’t and shouldn’t write. 

First, it enticed me with staying away from writing for one week. My reasons seemed genuine. “Oh! I don’t have the time this week, definitely next week.” Soon, next week comes and I find yet another excuse. So the cycle repeats itself until, one month passed away (RIP), and right before my eyes, the other months followed in quick successions.

By then, I felt I had lost touch with my essence of writing here in the first place. I had nursed the cute looking baby of procastination until it had grown into a ferocious bull, making demands and regulating my actions. 

Until, I decided to grow bigger, build more muscles and engage the beast in a fight for my very life. Now someone will say I am exaggerating or it is not that deep. Let me try to help you understand. 

Procastination is an enemy we take too lightly. It can come subtly, as an excuse, a genuine reason with very glaring facts, but until we learn to push beyond the facts, we will never conquer the enemy that seeks to stagnate us and sap our energies for productivity.

Many have given up on their dreams, let seasons passed by and have lost numerous karios moments because they allowed themselves to be lured and taken into captivity by this enemy of progress and great accomplishments.

We even make excuses for procastination because it doesn’t come to us introducing itself as Mr or Ms Procastination (does it even have a gender🤷🏽‍♀️)

Sometimes we only see it as ‘common’ fear:

  • Fear of taking the next step.
  • Fear of what’s ahead.
  • Fear of the unknown.
  • Fear of leaving our comfort zone and stepping.
  • Fear of diving into the deep end.

It also presents itself as Perfection – when we are obsessed with making sure our plans are fault and error proof, we will never make a move. 

To fight this fight and win, we have to be confident in ourselves to do all that destiny has wired us to accomplish.

Ponder on these:

  • You can do great things.
  • Failure isn’t final, no matter how fatal it may seem.
  • The work won’t be perfect, just strive to make it excellent.

Knowledge is what teaches you to fear. Reformat your mind, delete files of incapability and low self worth. Now, equip yourself with the relevant skills, fill your mind with positive informations that build your confidence. Surround yourself with friends that will push you, propel you and hold you accountable!

Let the words of your mouth, fan the flame of your passion and strengthen the cords of your resolve, so you can totally annihilate the vampire of procrastination and incinerate it completely with the bright light of understanding.

This is 2020 and you cannot fail. 

Happy New Year!

Happy New Decade!



Featured image: Pinterest.