Hurray! We made it to 2019. Everyone’s excited (well maybe almost all) – smiles.

Far back as October 2018, some people were already in 2019. I heard statements such as, “Good bye 2018”, or “me I am already in 2019, I don’t know about you.”

I had to ask my hubby a few days into the new year, “Babe, why are people always so eager to run off from a current year into a new one, as if the everything about them would automatically change?”

And the wise man I married said, “because people feel that a new year would offer, you a fresh start, help you throw behind your failures, declutter and set new goals!”

I gave it thought for a while, then I responded fiercely, “It’s all psychology!”

I decided to do a little research afterwards and here are my findings and conclusion, something I would like to call – ‘the psychology of newness’.

Every once in a while, we all need to reformat, re-calibrate and reboot. Life becomes stuffy, burdensome and uninteresting when your refresh button isn’t working. That is why we have seconds, minutes, hours and days. Weeks. months, years and seasons were created to help us take a bath and step out refreshed.

The question now is, do you utilize this opportunities? Do you even recognize them? and are you skilled and equipped to make the most of them?

The sum total of your new year begins at the dawn of each new day. The seconds, are what builds up to the minutes, the minutes and up to the hours and the hours congregate to form the days. You cannot have a year without the months and months won’t harmonize if their are no weeks to create the tune.

Therefore, your new year begins the second you give it permission to start. It begins the very moment you get into the boardroom of self with your spirit, soul and body all in harmony and have that crucial meeting where the whole of you accept and buy the pitch presented by your Spirit, from your maker! (take a minute, drink some water and read the above statement again) I mean – finding purpose and agreeing to it!

Purpose is the first step to making sense of life. Purpose is who you are. It is what defines you. You were wired uniquely for it, so it creates your path. But the point of conflict is – many of us are not walking and working the path of purpose. How do you live your life when you don not even know who you are? Or do you know YOU?

I will leave you for now to answer this question. This post is the first in a bunch of others to come. This year has to be our year. We will find purpose, create an alignment with purpose, work with it and not against it. We will also attract the world to our niche and feed the nations from our uniqueness.

I beseech, that you accompany me on this adventure, as we journey into the forest of dreams, find your unique seed of destiny, plant it in your sphere and create your paradise of fulfillment!

Cheers to a mind blowing 2019!

The time is now!

photo credit @Benjamin Maths